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Rentals and Rates

Our Home is Your Home!

Did you know that Dakota Stage and its many properties and productions are available for public and private rentals?  We invite you to check out our theatre space, entertainment options and costume & set pieces and to consider us for your next party or event.  Call the DSL office at 701-258-4998 for viewings and price & scheduling details. 

Preliminary Pricing

- Subject to availabilty and changes in rates or restrictions

- Additional fees and regulations may apply


                Mon., Tues., Wed., Thurs. or Fri. before 5pm: $300 + $50 technical fee (5 hour max) 

                Mon., Tues., Wed. or Thurs. after 5pm: $500 + $100 technical fee (5 hour max) 

                Fri. after 5pm, Sat. or Sun. (any time): $600 + $100 technical fee (5 hour max)

                                Dakota Stage retains all profits from concessions and bar

                                Renter retains all profits from tickets

Traveling Production, Cabaret, Improv Show

                1 performance: $2500 

                                Host retains all profits from tickets, concessions and merchandise

Convention Booths

                3 days: $50 per set

    Each additional day: $10 per set

Portable Projection Screen

                3 days: $75

                Each additional day: $10

Furniture and Properties

                1 large item 1 month: $50

    1 small item 1 month: $25

                1 hand prop/prop set 1 month: $10


                1 item 1 month: $10

                1 ensemble 1 month: $25